LAST EXIT - exit 126,  West of Little Easy Cabins

for Gas, Beer, Fast Food + Laundromat

WEST from Memphis off Interstate 40
​Exit 126, Camden / Parsons / Hwy 641,
to Little Easy Cabins Exit 133

Sandy's Burger Barn,
​North 40 Truckstop + Restaurant + Laundry,
Dottie's Gas, Deli + Boat Repair,

Marathon + Subway

OPENING SOON : 2018 Jan : 
Dollar General /w Grocery?

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​"Local Recommendation"

13631 Birdsong Rd, Holladay, Tn 38341  ~  #731. 441. 5187  ~  Exit 133, West of the Tennessee River  at I-40

To Reserve the Cabin, We require Payment in FULL.  Balance is to be paid in full , and upon check-in (1:30 pm).

 Refund Policy: For cancelled or shortened stays NO REFUND is given.

​​The standard night's rental is for TWO Guests. There is an added fee for ANY additional person, per person, per night, ANY Age (who stays after 10:01 pm until 05:59 am).  By supplying your credit card details, ​you are agreeing to all our current rental policies.  One-time, flat fee $25.00 for Each Pet and a $100.00 Per Pet Security Deposit may be required.  Additional Fees may be paid in CASH, and Upon Check-in. Upon RESERVATION you MUST sign an online rental agreement.  Upon Check-in you MUST supply driver's license and credit card.  By Purchasing THIS, you are agreeing to ALL our terms/policies set here and on-site.  Without prior agreement from your reservation is Cancelled if you have not check-in by 10:00 pm on 1st day's rental date.

Check IN starts at 1:30 pm   ~   Check OUT ends at 11:00 am

Your reservation request IS NOT confirmed until you signed your rental agreement online,
 your credit card is processed,
and you receive a CONFIRMATION email from Little Easy Cabins.

We have a strict NO Smoking Policy (inside).
Comfortable seating is provided outside on the covered porch. 

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the rental Rules & Agreement 
you will be expected to sign upon Check-in.   Due to occupancy at any given time, at no extra cost to you,
​We reserve the right to change or upgrade your cabin..

Best (+ Last)  Shopping + Restaurants 
heading EAST from Jackson TN
off Interstate 40  +  Hwy 45,  
​​Exit 80,  to Little Easy Cabins

Best (+ Last)  Shopping + Restaurants 
heading WEST from Nashville
off ​​Interstate 40  / I-65  /  I-24
​Exit 172, to Little Easy Cabins


LittlE  easy

LAST EXIT - exit 143,  East of Little Easy Cabins

for Gas, Beer, Fast Food + Laundromat

EAST from Nashville off Interstate 40
​Exit 143, Hurricane Mills / Lobelville / Hwy 13,
to Little Easy Cabins Exit 133

Rochelle's BBQ, Log Cabin Rest, Jen's Rest, 
Pilot Center + Arbys + Laundry,
Marathon + Subway
McDonalds and Jen's Restaurant

OPENING SOON : 2018 Jan : 
Speedway & Chicken Fast Food?

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​"Local Recommendation"